Vidhaan primarily is a school for budding kids and its three fifths strength are its students below the age of 11. Vidhaan believes that the education for the young children should be joyful, stress-free which gradually defines child's mindset and personality. The school environment is very engaging, creative and joyful.


Vidhaan believes in empowering primary children so that they develop self-confidence and competency. Vidhaan believes that environment should be stimulating, supportive and challenging, which will lead to development of the qualities like hardwork, honesty, dedication and discipline.


The environment for Junior/young adolescence is filled with intellectual simulations and challenges. The base of education is laid here which includes various activities and the concept of learning by doing.


Vidhaan believes in inculcating values and raising extremenly high standard of education for its senior children. Practical based education is always emphasized, well planned strategies, high standard of study material and special remedial.