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Mission & Objective

The relentless pursuit of the school has been :-
To lay the foundation of a noble character of moral integrity, brotherhood patriotism and sacrifice in the young minds so that they grow straight and steong as idaal leaders who can shape the destiny of the nation True education should produce balanced personality in which intellectual, emotional and spiritual values are harmoniously inculcated. Therefore, all the learning programs in the school are structured in a manner so as to inculcate in the qualities of :

  1. Self-confidence with the faith in God.
  2. Academic excellence.
  3. Communication and social skills along with analytical abilities.
  4. Maintenance of a well-nourished, healty and agile physique.
  5. Inculcating an affinity towards a discpined and regulated life.
  6. Developing n interest to participate in service activities.
  7. Harmonizing positive thoughts, words and actions.
  8. Developing respect and regard towards Indian culture and way of life.
  9. Upholding reverence for parents, elders and honor for dignity of all individuals.
Located in a peaceful and calm atmosphere, The Vidhan Public School Campus is noise free and surrounded by beautiful premises and greenery nature which ensure the students to be fully equipped with all aforesaid noble qualities.

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8 Mile Stone, Delhi-Meerut Road, Opp. Drizzling Land,
Duhai, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 221001

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9711001955 / 57 / 58
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